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Quality and Environment

Quality is priority

The goal of FRENELSA’s quality policy is to supply products and services to the market that deserve the maximum customer satisfaction in terms of EFFICIENCY, SAFETY, SERVICE and RELIABILITY, through the continuous improvement in all of our activities.

The personnel of FRENELSA accept the responsibility to reach this goal and make their utmost to surpass the expectations of our customers by the strict fulfilment of the procedures and internal rules, contributing towards the improvement of the SAFETY, the HEALTH and the ENVIRONMENT.

We have therefore established and we apply a quality system according to the exigencies of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standards, regularly checked by the German company TÜV CERT.

The management of FRENELSA considers that fulfilling this quality policy as well as the valid rules and regulations is a key responsibility for the future and it also commits itself to continuously improve the health and safety in the job locations of all the employees.

All this turns FRENELSA into a QUALITY synonymous.

Environmental commitment

The commitment of FRENELSA towards the protection and conservation of the environment is collected in the environment policy, which takes part of the general policy of the company.

Our environmental commitment is focused on the fulfilment of the ISO 14001 standard exigencies and, among other goals, we:

  • Meet the environmental requirements of our customers.
  • Take care of the resources using them in a rational way.
  • Take care of our suppliers so that they undertake a similar environmental commitment.
  • Actively participate in the sustainable development presenting reliable and long-lasting products.
  • Use advanced technologies in order to minimize resources in the manufacturing processes
  • Reduce as much as possible the environmental effect of our activities.

Environment policy »

Frenelsa’s environmental commitment and guidelines




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