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Commercial Vehicle

The FRENELSA electric retarder is a secondary braking system that extends the life of service brakes and virtually eliminates the brake fade.


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It can afford 85% of the braking needs of the vehicle.

Secondary braking systems become a must due to vehicle technical innovations:

  • More powerful engines.
  • Higher gross weights allowed.
  • Less driveline losses.
  • Better aerodynamic.


FRENELSA electric retarder can be controlled with a hand switch or through the brake pedal. For a smooth braking, its power is divided in several steps.

Compatible with other systems in the vehicle (ABS, ASR, EDC, EBS...)


minibuses, midibuses, coaches, school buses.
Stop & Go
Stop & Go:
garbage, delivery, cash in transit, city buses.
Rescue vehicles
Rescue vehicles:
ambulances, fire trucks.
Heavy duty applications
Heavy duty applications:
cranes, mining, timber.

Working principle »

¿How does the FRENELSA electric retarder work?

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Ask for information, FRENELSA electric retarders can be fitted to any vehicle in the market.

Advantages of FRENELSA electric retarders »

Comparison with other secondary braking systems



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