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  • Safety. It reduces the risk of fade of service brakes.
  • Independence from engine rpm’s and from cooling systems of engine and transmission.
  • Savings. Spare parts and labor costs are dramatically reduced. Investment in a FRENELSA electric retarder can be recovered in a short time and the re-sale price of vehicle is increased.
  • Profitability. Allows higher average speed. Downhill stretches can be driven faster safely, reducing the total duration of journey, and in a higher gear, reducing the engine rpm’s.
  • Comfort. Driving with a FRENELSA electrical retarder makes the journey more relaxed improving the attention of driver.
  • Environment care. The FRENELSA electrical retarder is a environmentally friendly device and reduce the emission of dust from service brakes.
  • Silent. Frictionless and without engine dependence the FRENELSA electric retarder is a silent device and effective even at low speed, suitable for urban areas.
  • Simplicity. The FRENELSA electric retarder is a reliable system with low and simple maintenance.
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